Mommy Makeover

Surgery performed by Dr. Sarah Elswick

There is no greater joy in life than becoming a mother, but this beautiful experience can have a toll on one’s body. Between the fluctuations in weight and hormones that stretch your skin, deflation of the breasts from breast-feeding, and surgical scars from c-sections, your body almost certainly does not look the same since having children. While diet and exercise are essential to getting back to your pre-pregnancy body, oftentimes this is not enough. A mommy makeover involves any procedures that focus on improving your areas of concern. The most common procedures include tummy tucks, liposuction, breast augmentations, breast lifts, breast reductions, labiaplasty, fat transfer, and Brazilian butt Lifts. Here at Revitalize Plastic Surgery, we offer a mommy makeover that is designed to fit your needs. This surgery can restore your natural curves and confidence.

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A mommy makeover can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence. The best candidates are seeking improvement but not perfection. Patients should be healthy and non-smokers. Ideally patients should not be planning on having any more children as additional pregnancies can change the results of the surgery, which may translate into the need for additional surgeries in the future. However, depending on the situation, some procedures may be able to be performed even if a
patient is planning on having additional children. It is also important to be at your “happy weight” and ideal fitness level, meaning a weight that is healthy and maintainable. Weight loss or gain after surgery can alter your results. Patient compliance during the recovery process with activity level and wound care will increase the probability of a successful outcome.


We recommend waiting six months after delivery and/or six months after completing breast feeding before having a consultation. It takes six months for your body to reach its new normal after pregnancy and/or breastfeeding so Dr. Elswick cannot properly assess you and make recommendations until this point in time.

Dr. Elswick makes sure your questions are answered and your goals are understood. Patient expectations are important to discuss at the consultation. A detailed history and physical examination will be performed to assess what surgical options best meet your goals. Be sure to mention nicotine use, medications, medical history, and previous surgeries. The surgical approach
is tailored to each patient and will be discussed in detail with you.


It is important to maintain a healthy diet prior to and after your surgery to optimize the healing capabilities of your body. Dr. Elswick will give you specific instructions to prepare for the procedure, including guidelines on diet and medications. Patients using tobacco or other nicotine-containing products must stop at least four weeks before and after surgery. Carefully following these
instructions will help your surgery and your recovery proceed more smoothly.


Your surgery can be performed at Columbia Surgery Center (our private outpatient surgical suite adjacent to our office) or at one of the local hospitals. Dr. Elswick has privileges at William Beaumont Hospital of Royal Oak, William Beaumont Hospital of Troy, and McLaren Macomb Hospital. The location of your surgery will depend on the procedure(s) you are having done, your medical history, and preference. Sometimes you may require an overnight stay in the hospital.


Usually, these surgeries are performed under general anesthesia.


There are various types of surgeries that are included in a mommy makeover. The type of surgery that you may need will depend on what areas of the body are bothering you. Some of the most common procedures are outlined below:

Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction
Breast Lift
Tummy Tuck
Brazilian Butt Lift
Fat Grafting


Detailed post-operative instructions will be discussed at your consultation and pre-operative appointment. As expected, pain will be present. We cannot eliminate your pain completely after surgery but will limit it as best as possible with a multi-modal approach. Drains may be necessary. Drain teaching and incision care will be demonstrated before and after surgery as needed. Normally you may return to work after 2-4 weeks with light duty and no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 4-
6 weeks. Swelling is expected with the majority of it improving within the first month after surgery. The final outcome is generally evident at 6 months after surgery. Scars will continue to mature and remodel for up to two years.


Every surgical procedure involves a certain amount of risk, and it is important that you understand these risks and the possible complications of surgery. In addition, every procedure has limitations. An individual’s choice to undergo a surgical procedure is based on the comparison of the risk to potential benefit.


Dr. Elswick is highly trained and skilled in mommy makeovers. As a mother of four, she understands
the changes the body undergoes with pregnancy and breastfeeding. She personally meets with all her patients in our office located in Troy, Michigan.


Offering advanced procedures, our surgical practice is led by first-class surgeons and a highly skilled medical team. Combining education, experience, and skill with a focus on both the science and the art of medical aesthetics, we take a holistic approach to each patient’s treatment plan. Patient education, safety and results are our utmost priorities.