How can I improve the contour of my arms and legs?

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How can I improve the contour of my arms and legs?

There are many options for improving the contour of your arms and legs, from minimally invasive options to more extensive surgeries. Each patient’s body and goals are unique and it is important to take this into consideration and develop an individualized treatment plan. 

Sometimes all that is required is skin tightening, which can be accomplished with our Renuvion® system.  If you have extra fat, this can be addressed with liposuction or an arm or thigh lift. We often will combine treatments to address both needs. The advantage of the Renuvion system and/or liposuction is minimal scarring with usually just a few 1/4” incisions. An arm or thigh lift does involve longer incisions/scarring but sometimes is required for significant excess fat or skin. 

Once you complete your surgical contouring, you could combine this with a course of treatments with our truSculpt® flex to build muscle and get complete contouring of your arms or legs. Our body contouring philosophy is to not just treat you surgically but offer you pre and post-operative body contouring services to give you smooth, even results and help you maintain them.  We are the only practice in the area that is able to offer fat reduction with liposuction, skin tightening with Renuvion, and muscle building with the truSculpt flex! Come contour your curves with us and feel confident with your body.

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Sarah M. Elswick, MD, MBA

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