Will wrinkle reducers make me look unnatural?

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Aesthetic injecting is both a medical procedure and a form of art.  If you choose someone who is not trained, experienced and careful, it is possible for an undesirable result.  It is very important to not only understand anatomy but also the aging process. A good injector will know how and why the face changes over time as well as where and how much to inject to achieve a natural, youthful look. We all have seen the “overdone” person walking around who cannot move their face due to too much product being used. If you have a quality, experienced injector, it is possible to reduce movement and wrinkles without completely paralyzing the muscle. It is my goal for my patients to leave looking refreshed and with expression.  Sometimes this may mean a couple of visits to build the look over time so that it is a more natural process than a quick fix. 

Don’t be afraid of your result. We will work with you and help you achieve a natural, refreshed look that is not overdone or frozen.  Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation. 248-524-0620. 

Kristen Lotz, PA-C

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