How can I improve the contour of my arms and legs?

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How can I improve the contour of my arms and legs?

There are many options for improving the contour of your arms and legs, from minimally invasive options to more extensive surgeries. Each patient’s body and goals are unique and it is important to take this into consideration and develop an individualized treatment plan. 

Sometimes all that is required is skin tightening, which can be accomplished with our Renuvion® system.  If you have extra fat, this can be addressed with liposuction or an arm or thigh lift. We often will combine treatments to address both needs. The advantage of the Renuvion system and/or liposuction is minimal scarring with usually just a few 1/4” incisions. An arm or thigh lift does involve longer incisions/scarring but sometimes is required for significant excess fat or skin. 

Once you complete your surgical contouring, you could combine this with a course of treatments with our truSculpt® flex to build muscle and get complete contouring of your arms or legs. Our body contouring philosophy is to not just treat you surgically but offer you pre and post-operative body contouring services to give you smooth, even results and help you maintain them.  We are the only practice in the area that is able to offer fat reduction with liposuction, skin tightening with Renuvion, and muscle building with the truSculpt flex! Come contour your curves with us and feel confident with your body.

For a consultation with me, Dr. Sarah Elswick, please call my office located in Troy, Michigan. I look forward to working with you and ensuring your questions about body contouring are answered. 248-524-0620

Sarah M. Elswick, MD, MBA

Sleep helps repair our skin!

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March is national sleep month and beauty sleep is not just a catchy phrase! It has been shown that not getting enough sleep can increase levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol cause more inflammation in the body. More inflammation in the skin can cause the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid which are what gives our skin its elasticity and glow! 

While we sleep our skin’s repairing process occurs and our bodies are working hard to reverse the damage caused by daily pollutants. This process makes anti-inflammatory cytokines during sleep which help heal and repair our skin.  We also release growth hormones during deep sleep. Our growth hormones are like the “Fountain of Youth” hormones; they allow damaged cells to be rejuvenated. Without this, we see early and increased signs of aging. Sleep is crucial in looking young, healthy and refreshed on a daily basis. 

A good way to make sure you get enough sleep every night is to develop a routine.  Do the same things every night around the same time and your body will naturally get used to going to sleep and staying asleep for the recommended 7-9 hours per night.  A good skincare routine is a very important part of this as well. You never want to go to bed without a clean face! Make washing your face and applying your favorite serums and moisturizers a part of this routine every day and you can help your body repair the damage caused during the day.  

As an aesthetic injector I work with my clients to not only help reverse the signs of aging but to also promote a healthy lifestyle.  Curious about what new in the aesthetic world? Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation. 248-524-0620

Kristen Lotz, PA-C 

Michael J. Schenden, MD PC

Want bigger lips but afraid of duck lips? Don’t be! Filler in the lips can be subtle.

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One of my favorite treatments is lip enhancement. This procedure can be done on my patients that are in their 20’s thru 60’s plus.  There isn’t a specific product that is best for every person which means there are options to help everyone achieve their desired goals. I am often confronted with concerns of looking “overdone” or having the dreaded “duck lips”.  I like to take a conservative approach keeping in mind my patient’s desired outcome. When I have a consultation with my patients about lip filler it isn’t always about size. We talk about the shape of the lips and giving them a natural, sexy appearance. 

Let me address “duck lips”. Human-lips are fuller in the center, and taper off to the sides. This is not true of ducks, who have equal sized lips, top and bottom, nor do they taper to the sides. (Technically ducks have “bills” — not lips — but you know what we mean!). It is pivotal to understand the aesthetics of beautiful lip shapes and variations.  Cosmetic injections are a form of art, and it is important to discuss what will look great on your face. It’s important to make sure that you are placing your face into the care of someone who understands how to achieve natural, flattering looking results. Great injectors have both the medical knowledge to treat you safely, and the eye of an artist. Just having big lips isn’t beautiful, they should be sculpted creating a cupids bow.  This creates youthful lips without a “fake” or “overdone” appearance.

There are several options for patients that want a very natural appearance to their lips. I offer a 1/2 or a full syringe option, we can always add more. Restylane Refyne will create a subtle augmentation to their lips.  Refyne may last up to a year giving patients a lasting result with a very soft and natural appearance.  Juvederm Ultra Plus and Restylane are my favorites for volume and structure. They have been on the market for years and my patients love them for adding volume and last approximately 6-months in the lips. Restylane Defyne and Juvederm Vollure both last approximately a year

Lip enhancement injections are a simple 30 minute procedure in the office.  Call today for your complimentary consultation. 248-524-0620   Let me put your worries to ease that you can have bigger lips without looking like a duck. — 

Raquel Merlini

Registered Nurse & Aesthetician

Sculptra Butt Filler

Wanted… Fuller buttocks and filled in dimples!

As an Aesthetic RN, ISSA Certified and Competitive IFBB Bikini Pro, I receive messages asking what can be done for a flat buttock, dimpling or single cellulite dimples. First I recommend muscle building exercises targeted for this area such as squats. However, if squats in the gym aren’t giving the lift you need or genetics are against you, say no more. A non-surgical solution is Sculptra injections.

What is it?

Sculptra® Aesthetic works subtly and gradually over time for a more youthful-looking appearance. Sculptra® is a poly-L-lactic-acid-based injectable dermal filler. It is comprised of polylactic acid, which has been used in the medical field for over 20 years in surgical products, which includes dissolvable stitches. Polylactic acid is a synthetic substance made to duplicate a similar product that the body’s muscles make during exercise. When injected it simulates an injury that will stimulate collagen production to the area to heal the injection site.  

How it works

Sculptra’s microspheres generate a mild inflammatory reaction which stimulates your collagen.  Collagen will gradually increase, creating the volume-enhancing results & a lifted appearance which is visible from the treatment in about four to six weeks. Sculptra is FDA approved for use in shallow/deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds and contour deficiencies. Many aesthetic products are introduced to the public with FDA approval for use in a certain body area. Doctors however, will discover that the products can often work in other areas of the body as well and produce desired results.  This is referred to as “Off Label” use. One of these off label uses is injecting Sculptra into the buttock area or into dimples to increase volume by stimulating collagen production.

I typically like to start off by injecting about 4 vials each side, and can go up to 10 vials for complete treatment, with a return visit at 4-6 weeks. I have patients that are athletes who stay lean but would like more fullness or contouring. The best candidates are ones that have low body fat or no fat to harvest and don’t want the downtime of a surgical implant or fat grafting. It is important to note that depending on the fullness desired the total for the procedure can be the higher price range but is an alternative to surgery. Sculptra is often used off label as well to smooth cellulite indentations or dimples in the skin that won’t go away for a smoother appearance. 

What are the most common side effects after Sculptra®? Discomfort at injection site, burning, redness, swelling, nodules and bruising. The luxury of this treatment is no recovery period vs surgery interfering with your daily life.

Call our office today located in Troy, MI for your free consultation. Raquel Merlini, RN 248-524-0620 

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Microneedling with PRFM

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Microneedling is my FAVORITE minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment available right now!!  I can’t say enough about it! This procedure uses several very small “micro” needles to create tiny injuries over the surface of the treated area.  When your body has an injury its natural response is to heal. The body triggers your collagen production to repair the skin. Increased collagen means smaller pores, better skin tone/texture and fewer fine lines and wrinkles.  

The only thing better than Microneedling, in my opinion, is adding the power of PRFM to the procedure.  Microneedling with PRFM uses your own PRP (platelet rich plasma). We apply the plasma over the surface of the area to be treated and with the microneedling pen it is driven into dermis.  This is very effective because it drives your own healthy platelets below the skin’s surface to promote healing and stimulate collagen production.  

Our practice takes your plasma to the next level.  Similar to the procedure for getting PRP, we collect a small amount of your blood using sterile technique, and spin it down in a centrifuge to  separate your platelets and growth factors from your red and white blood cells. We take it one step further by using specialized tubes that are designed for maximum filtering and coated with calcium chloride so that the platelets remain viable longer and offer a controlled growth factor release from hours to days!  By concentrating platelets at the site of injury we have the potential to enhance the body’s natural capacity for healing. This procedure is most commonly done on the face, neck and chest but is also very effective in reducing the appearance of scars on the face or body from acne or surgery.  

Most people hear “needles” and think this is a painful procedure but that is not the case at all.  It is very comfortable and almost feels like an aggressive facial. We do offer a topical numbing cream to make it comfortable.  The downtime is minimal. You may look and feel like you have a mild sunburn for the first day. You can use makeup just 12 hours after the procedure.  

For the best results we recommend a series of 3 treatments scheduled 4 weeks apart.  

Call our office 248-524-0620 to schedule your free consultation! 

Kristen Lotz, PA-C 

How Long Do Wrinkle Reducers and Fillers Last?

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This is a common question and it’s important to understand. Wrinkle reducers or neurotoxins
such as Botox®, Dysport® and Juveau™ typically last 3-4 months. However, the human body
metabolizes these products at different rates. I have patients that tell me it lasts as long as 6
months for them and I know for some people, such as myself, who start to see movement in
about two months. . How long it lasts is a based:
 The Individual and their metabolism
 Stress level
 The amount injected
 The area injected

Fillers last longer than wrinkle reducers. The most common type of filler is the hyaluronic acid
(HA) filler, on average they can last 6-18 months. This is a broad range and varies based on
product, area injected and the individual. There are several different types of fillers designed
for specific uses, some are dense and used to add volume while others are soft and pliable for
filling fine lines and allowing free movement.
 The denser the product the longer they tend to last. Product such as Juvederm Voluma®
and Restylane Lyft®, are typically used in the cheeks for volume and may last up to 18
 Filler injected into the lips tend to dissolve the fastest and typically last around 6 months
due to less density of the product and increase movement in this area.
An alternative product is called, Sculptra®, which is a poly-l lactic acid filler that, when injected,
triggers the body’s natural response to build collagen and therefore may last up to 2 years. This
product stimulates your body to build collagen and unlike the HA fillers it produces a gradual
result. This is a nice alternative for the individual who wants to slowly enhance fine lines and
wrinkles and add volume over time.
All of these products when injected properly can produce a very natural result. It is important
to remember that all of the products are temporary and repeat treatments will be required to
maintain the desired result.
We will work with you individually to develop a treatment plan that works with your body and
desired goals. Call today to set up your complimentary consultation 248-524-0620.
Kristen Lotz, PA-C

What are the different types of breast implants?

Breast implants are medical devices with a solid silicone shell. The implant shell may be filled with either silicone gel or saline solutions (sterile salt water). Both silicone and saline breast implants are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

A major difference between silicone and saline implants is the feel of the implants.  Silicone implants feel more natural and are less likely to show rippling (surface irregularities that can be seen through the skin). Therefore, silicone implants are the most commonly used for breast reconstruction and breast augmentation.  There are several different types of silicone gels that are utilized. Old silicone had the consistency of honey, whereas the newer generation breast implants have a consistency more similar to jello. You may have heard of these by the term “gummy bear,” cohesive gel or form-stable implants.  This is because if they are cut or break they will hold their shape. On the other hand, if a saline implant ruptures, the fluid inside will be absorbed by your body and therefore the breast will look deflated.  

I specialize in breast reconstruction and breast augmentation surgery and want to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.  If you are having a breast augmentation, I will use our Vectra 3-D imaging system that allows you to visualize how the different implants look on your body at your initial consultation.  This allows you to make an informed decision on the style and size of implant you would like. Call today to schedule your consultation at my office located in Troy, Michigan 248-524-0620

Sarah Elswick, MD

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove excess or undesired fat and can be performed on most areas of the body. The aesthetic market for fat shrinkage/reduction is constantly changing however, liposuction has been around for years and is still one of the fastest and most efficient ways to remove unwanted fat from the body. The best candidates for liposuction are men or women who have attempted diet and exercise to improve areas with excess fat but have not been successful and have good skin quality/tone. 

There are various types of liposuction machines, but the techniques and results of liposuction are generally the same.  To access the fat, several small incisions (typically about ¼” in size) are made. A solution called tumescent is injected in the fatty deposits to help break up the fat, provide anesthetic (numbing of the area), and minimize bruising.  After the tumescent solution takes effect, the liposuction cannula is used to break up and remove the unwanted fat. Taking the appropriate amount of fat and blending it with the surrounding tissue is extremely important. This requires not only a highly qualified surgeon but an artistic eye to ensure you end up with a nice, even contour. 

The length of the surgery depends on the number of treatment areas.  The surgery is usually completed as an outpatient. Postoperatively you will wear compression garments.  These are an essential component of the surgery as they minimize fluid buildup in the surgical sites, which facilitates skin contraction, limits scarring, and speeds up the healing process.  These garments are worn for 4-6 weeks after surgery. You will see a nice improvement shortly after surgery, but the final results can take several months to become evident as your skin shrinks down to your slimmer body.

Liposuction can be combined with other forms of body-contouring surgery, including abdominoplasty, or performed at the same time with other aesthetic surgeries such as breast or facial surgeries.   If you are interested in augmenting another part of your body, for example the breasts, buttocks, or face, the removed fat can even be processed and injected into these areas for additional volume or contour enhancements.  This procedure is called Fat Grafting.  

Are you tired of those stubborn areas of fat?  Call today to set up your consultation and see how liposuction can work for you!  248-524-0620

Dr. Sarah Elswick,

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 

TruSculpt flex

Muscle Sculpting without the heavy weights or sweat!

  • Do you want to look better w/out working out?
  • Concerned about a problem area?
  • Need to kickstart your workouts? 

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, the truSculpt® fleX Muscle Sculpting Treatment is your solution.  This system is personalized for your fitness level, shape and goals. truScuplt fleX uses a unique Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to deliver 3 different treatments by replicating intensified crunches, squats and twisting actions to targeted muscle groups.  No downtime, No weight lifting, No sweat! 

TtruSculpt flex’s comfortable, safe and effective technology is clinically proven to increase an average of 30% mass tailored to your needs! 

Unlike other systems on the market, the Trusculpt flex technology has the ability to treat multiple areas at one time.  Interested in your Abs and Legs? No problem, save time and money getting the results you desire.  

Our practice is excited to offer this safe, effective, and non-invasive procedure.  Call today to set up your free consultation at our Troy office and start the New Year strong!  248-524-0620

Michael J. Schenden, MD, PC, Sarah Elswick, MD and Aesthetic Injection Practice

What is Trigger Finger and how can it be treated.

What is Trigger Finger and how can it be treated. 

As a plastic surgeon, I have the opportunity to operate on several areas of the body.  Our hands are vital to our everyday life and I enjoy being able to restore their function by performing carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgeries.  Today I would like to explain what trigger finger is and how it can be treated. 

The medical term for trigger finger is stenosing tenosynovitis, which describes the underlying disease which causes trigger finger. Our hands use tendons to help us flex our fingers.  The tendons pass through a series of tight bands called pulleys, which helps hold the tendons in place. When swelling occurs in these tendons, they are unable to pass through this tight pulley system and can “trigger”, or get stuck. Sometimes patients have to manually pry open or straighten the finger. Some patients even wake in the morning with their fingers in a flexed position. Understandably, this can cause some discomfort.

Luckily, trigger finger is relatively easy to treat. Depending on your symptoms and preferences, a steroid injection into the palm at the base of the finger is usually a good first step. Cure rates with a steroid injection are approximately 70%.  If there is a recurrence or persistent symptoms, a second steroid injection can be performed. From there, generally surgical intervention is required. 

If you require surgery, I have training in advanced reconstructive techniques, including hand surgery, and focus on suturing techniques that minimize scarring. The surgery involves making an approximately 1 cm incision over the base of the finger in the palm, to release one of the pulleys. The tendons are then able to pass freely through the remainder of the pulley system.  Surgery usually takes approximately 10 minutes and is performed outpatient. You are typically able to use your hand for light activities (such as typing) in a few days and will have near full use of your hand after four weeks

This surgery is usually covered by most insurance companies.  Call me today to schedule your consultation at our office located in Troy, Michigan.  248-524-0620. 

Dr. Sarah Elswick 

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery