Aspen Multi Energy Therapy

What is capsular contracture?

Are your breast implants hard, uneven or causing pain? You may be experiencing symptoms of capsular contracture (sometimes called capsular contraction). This condition occurs to patients who undergo breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery. It is the hardening and constriction of the breast implant capsule and causes the breast to become hard, distorted, misshaped, painful or oddly positioned. Data shows that 1 out of 6 breast implants have slight to extensive hardening of the capsule that forms around the implant.

What is the Aspen Multi Energy System?

The Aspen treatment program lies in the utilization of the latest in medical technology, products and years of advanced education and training in after cosmetic and reconstructive surgical care. This treatment is a non-surgical option to correct the implant. Dr. Schenden is the first and only doctor in Michigan to have this technology. It safely delivers precisely controlled sound wave energy to gently and effectively soften the capsule and surrounding scar tissue, while leaving the skin itself unaffected. After multiple treatments your breast will soften and will properly drop into the correct position.

What can I expect after treatment?

The treatment is performed at our office and on average is completed within 60 minutes. Depending on the severity of your contracture we will perform 8 to 10 treatments. There is no downtime and most people return to normal activity immediately after the treatment.

Your new look?

This exciting technology is proven to improve the capsular contracture is a safe, non-invasive technique. You will love the symmetrical alignment of your breasts and the fact that it was corrected without having a second surgery.

“Hello, Joanne, Thank you so much for all your help with my Aspen Therapy. Although I hated spending the $$, I loved the results. I had to let you know you made a HUGE difference in my life.  Thank you” Jenn P.

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