Sandy (Selvana) Marogy, RN, BSN


Sandy completed her first bachelor degree in Psychology from Wayne State University in 2008. She then went on to earn her second degree in Nursing from University of Detroit Mercy in 2013. She has nearly a decade of healthcare and nursing experience ranging from hospital and private practice work to medical aesthetics.

She is certified and trained to administer injectables such as botox and dermal fillers. In addition to a passion in medical aesthetics, Sandy is a licensed cosmetologist with over fifteen years of experience in make-up training and application. She believes that feeling good about the way you look plays a pivotal role in confidence, self-esteem and mental health.

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Educational Achievements/ Professional Associations

March 2019- Hands on med aesthetics:Botox and Dermal filler training

July 2020-  Hands on training botox –  Raquel RN

July 2020- Hands on training dermal filers – Dr. Schenden

September 2020- Hands on Botox training – Dr.Kyle Farr, DNP

September 2020- Hands on Dermal filler training- Dr. Kyle Farr, DNP

December 2020- Hands on Botox and Juvederm training- Allergan Corporate

January 2021- Hands n Dysport and restylane training- Galderma Corporate

January 2021- Hands on Tear trough, cheeks, chin training – Meredith Kent, PA-C Allergan and Galderma trainer

January 2021-Hands on restylane refyne, restylane defyne, restylane Lyft training – Meredith Kent

February 2021- Hands on Allergan products chin and cheeks training – Meredith Kent, PA-C

February 2021- Hands on Kybella training- Raquel, RN

August 2021- Hands on Juvederm training of Chin

August 2021- Hands on sculptra and jawline training- Ashley Aldridge, PA-C

November 2021- Hands on Restylane Countor training – Dr.Kyle Farr, DNP

December 2021- Hands on advanced Juvederm training- Jessica Kristy