About Revitalize Plastic Surgery

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Thank you for visiting our site. We trust you will find our doctors and staff are some of the best in their respective fields.

Our practice offers the latest advancement in Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Injections and Laser Treatments. Here is where you will learn more about Revitalize Plastic Surgery and how our services are specifically chosen and approved by our team of doctors to provide maximum results to our patients. Our experienced staff consists of professionals who are highly trained and qualified. We offer youth, energy and experience. These combined qualities provide you with a team you can trust to meet your aesthetic goals.

Why Choose Us

Experience – Dr. Schenden has over 30 years of experience and is highly respected in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery world. He is currently the Chief of Plastic Surgery at William Beaumont Hospital in Troy, Michigan.

Education – Dr. Elswick’s elite education, certifications, specialized training and research repertoire are vast. Her passion for helping people is the driving force behind her dedication to her patients. Maintaining a hand on the pulse of the ever-evolving plastic surgery field ensures you are getting the most advanced care.

Vectra 3D® Imaging Technology – We are one of six practices in the area with this technology. You will leave our office with a clear understanding and visualization of your simulated surgical outcome before having surgery.

Our aesthetic injections are highly regarded as leaders in our area and extensively trained. Aesthetic injections are a great alternative to surgery and the right place to start improving or maintaining your youthful appearance. There are a wide variety of products available depending on the area you are looking to improve and your desired aesthetic results.

With today’s fast paced technology our images are posted for the world to see and we are even more conscience of our appearance. Whether you are considering plastic surgery to enhance a feature, correct an injury, or simply trying to slow down the aspect of aging. Dr. Schenden and Dr. Elswick can help you achieve your goals and desired image.

Today the market is flooded with skincare choices. We are a medical environment and here to help educate you on what is available and right for you. Skin resurfacing laser treatments, cosmetic technology in skincare products and eyelash growth treatment. We provide all these services and products to meet your needs.