What do I do for my aging skin?

As an RN and Aesthetician I often get asked about how to treat aging skin. My answer is always first come in for a skin consultation. It is important to determine how your skin is aging, which area’s concern you the most and what your goals are and budget. Treatments are completed in different stages and I will work with you to determine the best treatment course for you.

Home care is the first place to start. As our skin ages we need to ensure the products we use contain growth factors, retinoid, vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids.

In Spa treatments include microdermabrasion, dermaplane, chemical peels, microneedling, and various laser treatments.

Medical treatments include deep skin resurfacing lasers such as a CO2 and wrinkle and volume loss correction with aesthetic injections.

Surgery can be a full facelift or perhaps a brow or eyelid lift.

At Schenden’s we offer all of the above and can ensure that your skin receives the appropriate care to achieve your goals.

Call me, Raquel Merlini, today for your free consultation. Schenden’s Medical Day Spa 248-524- 3622 or for Medical treatments 248-524- 0620.

Raquel Merlini
Registered Nurse and Aesthetician

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  1. Hi Raquel, Armand d. is a mutual friend, I believe we met at one of his events! I have had Botox in my forhaead a few times and was wondering about your services. Probably need a phone consultation. Please let me know. Thank you, John Gallagher 2485340463

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      We would love to setup a consult with you & Raquel to go over a treatment plan that is best for you. Please give us a call at 248-524-0620. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Dr.Schenden’s Office

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